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The Illuminati 3: President Obama and Lil Wayne's song "Drop The World"

On this blog I'm going to be discussing President Obama, Lil Wayne's Song "Drop The World", and the death of Michael Jackson and various other celebrities.

President Obama

Ok, well lets just start off with this video here of Obama's "Yes We Can" speech, but backwards.

Pretty scary, huh? Well lets look at some crazy comparisons now.

Obama has 12 of the 19 characteristics of the antichrist before he even took office... lets take a look:

First we must know how the Bible describes the antichrist. The following are the places in the scripture that contain startling and detailed information about the "antichrist" ~ of the very last days of a man's rule on the earth:

1. Daniel 8:9 -12 : Starts small but becomes great/ succeeds in whatever he does.

In less than 12 years he went from Community Organizer to U.S Senate to President of the U.S.A. Now, he will be the most powerful man on earth in one of our most critical times in world history.

2. Daniel 7:11 : He is arrogant and boastful as a major personality trait.

Numerous news programs, radio broadcasts, and periodical articles have been devoted to this topic.

3. Daniel 8:24 : He will cause astounding devastation.

He has already PROMISED one policy which has been predicted to do exactly that... Obama promises to end the war and pull the troops back to the U.S. Well, has he thought about the fact that if he brings our troops back to the U.S then its only going to bring the war to the U.S.? General David Patraeu's response says there will be "Devastating Consequences".

4. Daniel 8:24 : He will become very strong ... but not by his own power... in his quick rise to fame.

Oprah Winfrey (the richest and most powerful woman in the world) has never endorsed a candidate in her 25 year career, that is until Barack Obama decided to run for president. Obama is supported almost by the entirety of Hollywood- undeniably the most powerful "influence" of the world. In addition, to the surprise of many, he was supported by Ted Kennedy (the most powerful senator), a long time supporter and friend of the Clinton's.

5. Daniel, Thessalonians, and Revelation: He will be blasphemous and speak against God and His word.

Before taking office, he has already begun his public mocking of the Word of God. In a speech Obama says " Which passages from scripture should be on our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is okay? Or the book with Theteratimy( author's note: I do not know the correct spelling, sorry) which suggests stoning your child is okay if he strays from the faith? Or should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount, a passage that is so antiquate our own defense department would not survive it's application?"

6. Revelation 17 and 18: Many believe this passage states that the antichrist will come from the dominant political, military and economic power of the world in the last days. Right now, that is the United States Of America.

7. Daniel 8:23: He will be a "stern- faced" king.

The characteristic of Obama has also been much discussed within the media ranks. His expression is most often that of a somber, stern- faced person.

8. Daniel, Thessalonians, Revelation: He will be the master of intrigue and deception.

It cannot be denied that Obama is the most "intriguing" President in many generations. The entire world is infatuated with him. Headlines around the world declare their "praise" and "hope" in this rising star.

This image is a little strange. Don't you think? But, many other websites are talking about if Obama is the Messiah. His deception and double talk techniques have now become famous and the fodder for many radio and television news- talk programs. News Week editors say Obama is a "Creepy", "Deeply Manipulative", "Creature"

9. Daniel 7: 24 : He will be a king "different" from those who preceded him...

Obama has declared himself to be "different" from all the rest of the Presidents before him.

10. II Thessalonians 2 : He will be known as the "lawless one" or a "rebel"

On November 11, 2008 the U.S Secret Service announced that his codename was RENEGADE. This was reported in major news sources around the world. The dictionary definition of the word "Renegade" is "a lawless one, a rebel." (American Heritage and Merriam Webster). Now his president limo has been dubbed THE BEAST. This just keeps getting more weird.

11. Matthew 11 : He will be seen standing in the "Holy Place" just before he takes office.

Just before Obama took office he was seen in Israel at the Western Wall.

This passage also includes that he will be called the "abomination that will cause devastation or desolation."

Isn't Abomination very close to Obama nation. And that is exactly what this is. It is an Obama Nation.

Obama + Nation+ Obamanation = abomination

12: Many scriptures regarding the Antichrist declare that:

- He will be called the Messiah (#8).

His Messiah complex was so apparent that the McCain campaign released a highly popular advertisement lampooning this obvious characteristic.

"Blessed" in Kenyan is "Barack" So said in a speech, "In 2008 the world will be blessed" can mean "In 2008 the world will be Barack" Obama says "You will experience and epiphany and you will say to yourself ' I have to vote for Barack'" An epiphany is a visitation from God or a God inspired idea.

What are the other 7 characteristics yet to be fulfilled?

Revelation 13 declares:

1.He will have a "wounded head"
2.He will be miraculously healed- the world will be "astonished".
3. A false prophet will arise to be his "right- hand man". - Causes all to take a mark and erects a "living image" of him.

Revelation 17 declares:

4. A 10 nation coalition will give him great power and authority.

Daniel 9:27 :

5. He will implement a seven year covenant with "many." Many people believe the context here is a peace treaty with Israel and Palestine.

Daniel, Matthew, Thessalonians, and Revelation declares:

6. He will attack Christians and Jews and prosecute them viciously.

Daniel 7:25 :

7. He will change laws and times concerning "worship"

Lil Wayne's song "Drop The World" and music video.

Let's take a look at the Lil Wayne and Eminem song "Drop the World"

I believe there is 2 meanings to this song. One is about the theory of 2012, and the other is about being in the Illuminati.

So, I personally do not believe in the conspiracy of 2012, but it sounds like this song is giving us a sign.

For Example when Lil Wayne Says "hop up in my spaceship and leave earth motherf*cker I'm gone."
Like there will be a spaceship to save the most powerful and important people?
Like all the people who are in the Illuminati. The people who have sold there souls for fame.

And when Eminem says "this world is my easter egg, yeah, prepare to die"

Easter, the day Jesus was resurrected right?
prepare to die.. well im guessing be prepared to die?

The other meaning is about the Illuminati.

The song is pretty sad. It sounds like Lil Wayne is pretty pissed at someone. Like the Illuminati. Like when it says "I could die now Rebirth..." well, I'm guessing because those involved in the Illuminati have sold their souls to the devil, it probably means that it doesn't even matter if he tries to kill himself to get out of the Illuminati, then he will still come back to life. Like if he is indestructible. Like what Beyonce said about Sasha Fierce, that she could fall and hurt herself but she wouldn't feel anything.

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on my next blog I will be discussing the death of Michael Jackson and its similarities to a few other celebrity deaths.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Illuminati 2: Rain Man, Eminem, 2009 VMA Awards

On my last blog about the Illuminati I discussed what the Illuminati actually is, Jay- Z, and Beyonce. While discussing Jay- Z, I mentioned someone called "Rain Man." So, today, I'm going to discuss Rain Man, Eminem, and the 2009 VMA Awards.

Rain Man
So who is this "Rain Man?" Why are celebrities mentioning him in their songs? Here are some examples of some songs that use the term "Rain Man"

  • Eminem- Old Time's Sake

  • Eminem- Rain Man

  • Gucci Mane- Rain Man

  • Jamie Fox- Rain Man

  • Lil Wayne- Rain Man Anthem

  • Feeder- Waterfal

  • Asain- Rainman

  • Jay- Z- La La La

  • The Doors- L'America

  • Bob Dylan- Stuck Inside Mobile Again With The Memphis Blues Sickness

  • Jay- Z- Anything

  • Eminem- Rhymin' Words Freestyle

  • T.I- Rubber Band Man

  • W.A.S.P- The Burning Man

  • Bob Dylan- I Wanna Be Your Lover

  • Nas- Don't Body Ya Self

  • The Game- Cali Sunshine

  • Tanya Tucker- Lizzie And The Rainman

  • Mims- Doctor, Doctor

  • Black Stone Cherry- Blind Man

  • Savage- Wild out

  • Del The Funky Homosapein- Funkyhomosapien

  • Rihanna ft. Jay- Z- Umbrella
So that's a pretty long lists of songs with the term "Rain Man" in them. And I'm sure it's not just a coinsidence. So I'm going to discuss 3 of the many songs on this list.

Umbrella- Rihanna ft. Jay- Z
Jay-Z beings with:

1.No clouds in my storms
2.Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank (Rihanna: eh eh)
3.Comin’ down with the Dow Jones
4.When the clouds come we gone
5.We Rocafella (Rihanna: eh eh)
6.We fly higher than weather
7.And G5s are better
8.You know me
9.An anticipation for precipitation, stacks chips for the rainy day (Rihanna: eh eh)
10.Jay, Rain Man is back with little Miss Sunshine
11.Rihanna where you at?

So, let's analize this line by line.

1. No clouds in my storm seems to mean that whatever storm is being refered to will not have any clouds to indicate that a storm is coming. It would be a silent storm.

2. Hydroplaning in the bank refers to the storm, so this must be an economic storm. Hydroplaning mean coasting on the water of a storm.

3. Coming down with the Dow Jones? This song was released in 2007. That was way before the economic panic.

4. When the storm comes we're gone. Meaning Jay-Z will be leaving before this financial crisis.

5. rocafella is rockefeller, as in David Rockefeller (Like we discussed in my last blog, David Rockefeller is someone who is said to be part of the Illuminati).

6. We fly high above the storm, meaning they will not be affected by financial crisis because they are a part of the David Rockefeller family.

7. G5 can be a classification of a sun or star. It is unknown what it reffers to.

8. ( Self explanatory)

9. Jay- Z has money saved for the financial crisis

10. The "Rain Man" the creator of the storm is declaring his presence.

Rain Man- Eminem

1.Cause I ain’t got no legs!
2.Or no brain, nice to meet you
3.Hi, my name is…
4.I forgot my name!
5.My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame
6.My soul is possessed by this devil my new name is….
7.Rain Man

We will also analize this song line by line.

1. He has no legs, meaning he cannot leave.

2. Having no brain meaning that he can't have his own thoughts or make his own descisions. He is being introduced to someone.

3. He is introducing himself

4. He cannot remeber who he really is, he is being possesed by someone who is taking over him.

5. He must be someone else in order to maintain the level of fame he has. He is possesed with someone or something who can maintain such a status.

6. Now he himself is claiming that he is possesed by a devil. He is someone else now.

7. He is now Rain Man. Which means he has become one with this demon.

Rain Man- Gucci Mane

1.rain rain rain this way
2.thats what all the strippas say
3.rain man go away thats what all these hatas say
4.imma rain man and i can make it rain i make it thunder storm
5.i make it hurricane

1. He is calling Rain Man to come his way

2. Strippers like money, Rain Man must have something to do with money. As analized in "Umbrella"

3. Haters, meaning people who disaprove of the Illuminati, want Rain Man to leave because he is a demon.

4. Now, Gucci Mane has become Rain Man, he is wealthy, he has tons of money to make it rain money.

5. He can cause a huge storm of money.

After analyzing these 3 songs, I come to the conclusion that Rain Man is a demon of money. When these people sell their souls, they are given tons of money.


Well, after analyzing his song "Rain Man" we can clearly determine that he is possesed by a demon called Rain Man.

Here is a live performance of his song Rain Man, please watch this, I'm going to discuss this video.

So, in this video Eminem says he is not Slim Shady anymore, nor is he Eminem, or his government name: Marshall Mathers. He is not anyone he was before. He is someone completley different. He says he is Rain Man. Why? Because now with his new fame he is filthy rich. Then him and Dre are telling the audience to shout "Rain Man" which the audience is, unknowingly, praising the demon that is Rain Man.

2009 VMA Awards

There was so much crazyness at this event. What most people overlook is the Illuminati symbolism. It is rumored that this event was a huge Illuminati ritual that included an initiation, prayer, and even a blood sacrafice. Let's take a look at this.

Madonna opens the Awards to say a few words for Michael Jackson. She admited never really knowing him, but she was chosen to pay him tribute. Madonna is a well known and publicized adept of the Kaballah, the esoteric school of Judasim which is studied in most occult orders.

This whole scene here was staged. Kanye West is known for pulling stuff at Award events. So he was the perfect cantidate to do this to make it seem unexpected. This was Taylor Swift's initiation into the order. She is humiliated in front of her peers and told that she is not worthy to be on the same stage as Beyonce, the queen of the ceremony. Almost all groups, fraternities and gangs carry out an initiation process to test the recruit’s character, strength and worth. Swift’s ordeal was to have Kanye ruin her first award ever and to be told that she didn’t deserve this recognition.

So in this part of the event, Jack Black comes out in a muscle man costume to promote a video game and then asks the audience to put their devil horns up and pray to the devil with him. At the end of the prayer, he says, “I ask you to grant tonight’s nominees with continued success in the music industry".

Hmm... thats strange. Why would he ask the devil for the nominees to have continued success in the music industry unless the devil controls it.

Lady Gaga symbolized the blood sacrafice. In her setting for her performance there was a lot of masonic symbols that we will talk about in my upcoming blog about Lady Gaga. The thing that really popped out was the setting of her performance. Occult rituals, mind control experiments and even human sacrifices have constantly been rumored to take place in those kinds of settings. Masons are known to carry out ritual dramas in their lodges; live re-enactments of allegorical stories. Gaga’s performance symbolizes her rise to fame and the sacrifice she had to make in order to succeed.

When the bloody Gaga is lifted into the air, an eerie light comes out from between the pillars and the dancers lift their arms in the air in praise. Many ancient religions carried out ritual sacrifices to please the gods. Blood sacrifices have also been viewed by black magicians as the ultimate way to collect spiritual energy. The final scene of the performance conveys the presence of this mysterious “force” after a sacrifice.

This symbolized Pink's masonic initiation.
“The candidate for initiation is stripped of all material possessions and dressed in a strange and peculiar garb (…). This includes a blindfold and a length of rope called a cable tow.” He continues, “The blindfold used represents secrecy, darkness and ignorance as well as trust. The candidate is led into the lodge room for initiation but is not able to see what is happening. He is bound about the waist and arm with the cable tow.”
-Mark Stavish, Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society

Pink is blindfolded and bound with ropes. Her costume exposes her left breast, as is the case with Masonic initiates. Instead of having her left leg exposed, Pink’s costume bears a diamond pattern which is very reminiscent of the floors in Masonic lodges.

Pink’s performance was a dizzying display of acrobatics which undoubtedly left her (and the viewers) totally disoriented. This is also a feature of Freemasonry’s First Degree initiation:

“He is then blindfolded and a cord in the form of a noose is passed round his neck. At this point the novice is entering the marginal stage, associated with ordeals; he cannot see, his sense of direction has been confused and he has been dressed like a victim for execution.”
-J.S. La Fontaine, Initiation – Ritual Drama and secret knowledge across the world

AfterTaylor Swift’s public humiliation, Beyonce, the queen of the ceremony, calls her up on stage to let her “have her moment”. She appears from backstage (as if awaiting her cue) in a red dress which is very similar to Beyonce’s. At the moment the two singers hug, a strange phrase appears on the screen behind them saying “RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO”. I have no idea what that means, but it was there. If you solve this enigma.Taylor Swift being called on stage represents the fact that she has now been accepted as an equal to Beyonce and has become one of the “chosen ones”. The matching dresses also convey this sense of belonging to a new group. She has “passed the test” – the ordeal of being humiliated – and she can now reap the rewards of being an insider.

Strange huh?

Well, leave commnets, and if you have any questions be sure to ask so we can all discuss!!
Next time I will be discussing: President Obama, Lil Wayne's song "Drop The World, and The Death of Michael Jackson and other various celebrities.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Illuminati: What is The Illuminati, Jay- Z, Beyonce

Many people don't know the origin of the Illuminati, or what it really is. Many people who have actually heard of it do not actually know the whole thing about it. Most people think it is just a group that Jay- Z's part of due to false information contributed by blogs or websites. The Illuminati is actually a group that was formed many, many, many years ago that points to an organization that many people believe control this country and its corporations (ex. Music Industry, Media, Government, etc.) It also refers to the establishment of the "New World Order" a phrase you have probably heard various presidents say durring speaches. This theory also stretches to Freemasonry and people who are claimed to be a part of the Illuminati include, David Rockefeller, the Bush family, Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, etc. One of the most recognized signs representing the Illuminati is the All-Seeing Eye AKA the Eye of Horus. This is pictured on the back of the dollar bill. You will also see the phrase for New World Order. Also, when a star is drawn to seperate they eye from the rest of the pyrimid, the star points land on five letters which spell "Mason"

So now I am going to share some of my findings about celebrities who are in the music industry who could be associated with the Illuminati.

Jay - Z
We've all seen Jay- Z along with many other celebrites make this sign. This is they Eye in the Pyrimid sign. It looks a lot like the Illuminati symbol that you will see in the lower right- hand corner of the image. Jay- Z. In the song "Umbrella" by Rihanna ft. Jay- Z, in the begining of the song Jay- Z says "Rain Man is back" who exactly is rain man. According to information I have found, Rain Man is the devil. Various artists have used the term "Rain Man" and we will talk about Rain Man on the next blog. Also, In the song "Umbrella" Jay- Z says "Rockafella" which is vary similar to Rockefeller, as in David Rockefeller a claimed member of Bthe Illuminati. Which is also similar to his clothing line Rocawear. Also many of the lyrics in Jay- Z's songs can be related to the Illuminati. Listen to a song, with an open mind about the Illuminati, and peice things together, you'll see what I'm talking about.


Beyonce has an alter ego known as Sasha Fierce. I've read that Sasha Fierce is actually a demon who takes over Beyonce. She says that Sasha Fierce was born durring her "Crazy in Love" video. So here is a video of Beyonce talking about who Sasha really is. And a few videos talking about Sasha Fierce's birth in "Crazy in Love" and the symbolism in the video. Thanx to youtuber: Ainesis3.

Well, thanxx for reading my blog!

On my next blog about the Illuminati I will be discussing: Rain Man, Eminem, and the 2009 VMA awards.